Making wax and other selants obsolete...

Our Advanced Coating Solutions

When we create our products, we focus on one objective: Maximum protection with minimum maintenance.
Our product range includes 4 products for a full exterior Ceramic Coating package:

- The Ceramic Coating kit (best-seller)

- Wheel Coat

- Glass Coat

- Top Coat Care

Our main product is the bodywork Ceramic Coating:
After many tests, one conclusion: The best paint protection is done by creating two layers:
- a BASE Coat, the hardest possible (9H) with an extreme clearness.
- a TOP Coat, super hydrophobic that litterally feeds the Base Coat.
Thanks to our special formula and highest manufacture standards, we naturally convinced a lot of Professional Detailers around the world to give up many other coatings...
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When applying our two layers formula, you will obtain a super hard (9H) protection, with ultra hydrophobic and glossy surface.
Our kit can be applied on various surfaces including painted parts, carbon fiber, aluminium parts, stainless steel parts, plastic parts.
Your vehicle will be protected against all chemical, salt, environment threats and prevent swirls for 3 to 4 years with a minimum of maintenance.

Main highlights of our solution:

- Durability 3 to 4 years (can be up to 6 years with 2 Base coat layers)
- High gloss finish
- Hydrophobic / Water and dirt repellent
- Self cleaning effect
- 9H Hardness
- Paint protection against swirls
- Extreme heat resistance (more than 500°C)
- Weather, UV and Chemical resistance

Some Exemples

Wheel Coat on AMG Wheels

Wheel Coat application on E63S AMG wheels.

Best barrier against brake dust and all other dirty things wheels are exposed.

Clean them with pressured water only, no more aggressive products in your hands...

Mustang after Drexler ceramic application

Super shiny Ford Mustang 5.0 after Drexler Ceramic application by our parnter Folia Technics in Germany.

Better than new for more than 3 years.

Huracan performante after drexler ceramic application

Another happy customer with his brand new Huracan Performante coated with Drexler Ceramic by our Partner Tip Top Autodetailing in Germany.

Now protected and ready to hit the Streets/Track.