Our Solutions

When we create our products, we focus on one objective: Maximum protection with minimum maintenance.
Our main product is the paint Ceramic Coating:
After many tests, one conclusion: The best paint protection is done by creating two layers:
- a BASE Coat (multi layerable), the hardest possible (9H) with an extreme clearness.
- a TOP Coat, super hydrophobic that litterally feeds the Base Coat.
Thanks to our special formula and highest manufacture standards, we naturally convinced a lot of Professional Detailers around the world to give up many other coatings...
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When applying our two layers formula, you will obtain a super hard (9H) protection, with ultra hydrophobic and glossy surface.
Your vehicle will be protected against all chemical, salt, environment threats and prevent swirls for 3 years with a minimum of maintenance. Protection can be extended to 5 years with 2 layers of Base Coat

Main highlights of our solution:

- Durability 3 years (can be up to 5 years with 2 Base coat layers)
- High gloss finish
- Hydrophobic / Water and dirt repellent
- Self cleaning effect
- 9H Hardness
- Paint protection against swirls
- Extreme heat resistance (more than 500°C)
- Weather, UV and Chemical resistance