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We have created one of the most durable nano-ceramic coating solution for your car with a simple application procedure that can be done by anybody following simple instructions. Up to 4 years of shine and protection !

Whether you drive under Miami sun and storms, or on Russian salted roads, your car will be protected and shiny. Care less, enjoy more !

Where can you get our products?

- We manufacture our products in our workshop from South of France and ship them anywhere in the world.

- You can simply buy our products on Shop Section and on Amazon (Europe and USA inventories).

- If you want to get it done by a professional detailer, check out our Partners Map or contact us and we will find a qualified detailer in your area.

We are also offering our own exclusive coating service, contact us for more.

Want to become a certified Drexler Ceramic detailer?

Our exclusive products and fast growth resulted on a worldwide recognition and a selected Cerified Detailer network.

- Are you a detailer interested in developing your business with one of the best Ceramic Coating?

- Are you a petrolhead and want to jump into the detailing business?

Check out our Certified Detailers Program  !

Some examples

Ferrari F430

Super shiny Ferrari F430 after Drexler Ceramic coating done by our certified detailer in Switzerland AR Lustracars

Corvertte Z06 Wheels

Coated Wheels on a stunning Corvette Z06, get them shiny and avoid brake dust to adhere on them. By Signé Alex Esthetique Automobile in Québec, Canada

Lotus Exige sport 380

Seb Delanney's Lotus Exige Sport 380 after Drexler Ceramic coating by Drexler Team.

Drexler Ceramic in Video

Check out the water repellency after Drexler Ceramic application

Drexler Ceramic Render

Application done on Seb Delanney's Lotus, stunning glossy result and a good protection for the next 3 years !

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