Making wax and other selants obsolete...

Certified Detailers Program

We are continuously looking for new partnerships with passionated people, and that is why we opened our certified detailers program.
If you are a detailer from anywhere in the world, or you want to become one, we can work together. We will teach you how to perform our product, and if everything goes well, we will certifiy you as official partner.
What are you benefits?
- You will grow your business with one of the best product currently available
- You'll get discount on our products / free goodies
- We will forward you each customer in your geographic area
- You will be featured on our Partners Map and social medias (Instagram, Facebook...)
If you are interested in this win/win program, contact us, we will be glad to reply to you.
drexler ceramic coating, chevrolet corvette, z06
drexler ceramic coating, chevrolet corvette, z06